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So here it is! My 39th year on earth. For the next 365 days I have decided to explore parts of the planet I have always found the most appealing.

Along the way I hope to share interesting stories, as well my discoveries about the different cultures I experience.

The areas of life I am most interested in are kindness, great design, the golden ratio, minimalism, Pareidolia (faces in everyday objects), micro living and finally I will be searching for remarkable human beings who use the power of their mind to achieve amazing effects.

These are the subjects I am going to be blogging about the most. I concluded if I enjoy these in the UK, I will love them even more when I have time to fully appreciate them and engrossed in a new countries way of operating and their cultures.

As I travel I hope to:

  • Meet as many remarkable human beings as I can.
  • Learn more about how the body can recover and control pain with the mind.
  • Experience, demonstrate and share as many examples of acts kindness.
  • Stay in amazing small spaces to experience micro and multifunctional living.
  • Discover and record lots of Golden Ratio examples using my app and share them.
  • Find and share examples of Pareidolia (Faces in everyday objects) and illustrate them in cartoon characters.
  • Learn and experience more about minimalism.
  • Be inspired by great design.
  • Continue working towards becoming the best person I can.

If you would like to follow my journey or just want keep in touch (which I would like) join me on Twitter, Pinterest and my other websites.

www.r-and-q.com www.possiblemind.co.uk

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Hi Mark

Just to let you know how proud (as parents) we are of all you have achieved in your 39 years & what you will achieve in the next year, stay safe.
Mum & Dad

Hi Mark, am following you with interest and you are reminding me of my own experiences of travel which is great for me because you can forget so much. I cannot wait for your reaction to UB. Enjoy all you do and continue to have some wonderful experiences.


Thank you Lorraine. I most definitely will. I arrived in UB at 6:15 local time this morning. The walk from the Train Station was interesting and I was not sure what I had let myself in for at that point. I walked about exploring until 10am to get my bearings then started to get a better feel for the place after finding Sükhbaatar Square. I then booked in to my hotel and enjoyed my first shower in 5 days. 🙂

Hi Mark, we are friends of your parents.
I used to work with your dad at Rygors for around 8 plus years before my retirement. Clive and
Jenny told us about your venture and passed on this link. We just want to add all our best on your trip. Kind regards

Dear Maureen and Ian,

Thank you very much for your message, it is much appreciated.

Best wishes
(In a very wet and rainy Mongolia 🙂 )

as friends we grew up together stay safe and keep in touch with fantastic parents. Can not believe you are nearly 40. Dose not seem long ago we were playing on the mud hump xx

Hi Martin, Great to hear from you. I remember the mud hump. I guess we both have alot of fond memories from that time. I also remember playing football with those metal poles for posts, playing pool in the Garage and not paying, you and I going to Keynsham in my little red Fiesta, going to Branigans to play snooker and American pool and much more. Good times! Keep in touch. Mx

Looks like your having a great time mark that island je ju looks amazing just googled it. Off to America in October with Charlie and Dylan and the wife.

Enjoying reading your stories xx

Thanks Martin.

You got married… and Dylan? I am guessing Charlie has a Brother!

America sounds cool, Where are you going in the US of A? I hope you all have a great time! I have never been and people say, as I travel, that I would like LA, so may visit there towards the end of my trip.

We will have to catch up when I get back to the UK and perhaps watch a game of Snooker at the Crucible.

Metta Mark xx

Yes got married August 2013 yes Dylan is 14 months lovey happy boy like Charlie.

We are off to Disney world for 2 weeks.

Always happy to watch a game of snooke at the crucible have a look at the match day schedule

Hi Mark,
Happy to meet you at True Yoga in Boracay. Enjoy your big adventure and will see you in Canada, Victoria (BC)

All the best,

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