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A Trip to Zhujiajiao

Today I went to Zhujiajiao, getting there it was a few subway stops followed by a 40 min to 1 and half hour journey depending on which bus I caught. I had no idea how to tell the difference so that was going to be down to luck.

Lady luck was on my side on the way and arriving at Zhujiajiao bus station it was a short walk using the Ulmon app to the water town. I’d arrived at 9am and everything was quiet and peaceful. I really enjoyed meandering along the back streets where there were no visible shops or cafes. I wandered in one cafe to be greeted by a dog called ‘Party’ so I popped in for a traditional Chinese Green Tea which had the leaves floating around it.

While drinking my tea I read a bit more of my book and prepped up on my Korean. Learning to read Korean is going to be a little like it was to learn Russian, by using a 15 infographic guide. It seems simple enough, I just need to practice before I fly next Monday.

Leaving the Cafe everything was more hectic with the shops open and people dressing up in traditional Chinese clothing to have their photos taken by the river.

I explored the area as much as I could to find some little hide aways where it was quite. I found a few, one of them from the other side of the river showed me a huge face sculpture, when I got near it was of, rather than a, Picasso.

I am really glad I visited Zhujiajiao today, I have been feeling a little under the weather since last night and was humming and harring this morning if I should go, I was fine all morning but by lunchtime I was paying for it.

Hopping back on the bus to the city, really hoping it was the 40 minute one, it wasn’t and it didn’t drop me off at the station, it left me somewhere requiring the Ulmon app once again. I did however get to see a couple of sites I would have otherwise missed; like the Great Concert Hall which is a fantastic piece of modern architecture with a nod to historic Chinese design and the Peoples Square building was quite impressive too.

Before going back to the hostel to rest and recuperate I needed some food. I tried a Dumpling restaurant who, after reading my vegetarian note, said no by demonstratin the ‘X’ with their arms, like in the X Factor. So it was too McDonalds to see what I could get. A pot of sweetcorn, some chips and banana pie filled the hunger shaped hole.

It was then back for a rest in the hope that I could shake off this cold and stuffy feeling. I really would like it gone by morning, else I may have to cancel my first day volunteering in the Orphanage, which coincidently is probably where I caught this from, it use to be the same in my Nursery Nursing days at a new job.



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