The areas of life I am most interested in are great design, the golden ratio, minimalism, Pareidolia (faces in everyday objects), micro living and finally I will be searching for remarkable human beings who use the power of their mind to achieve amazing effects.

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Back in the UK for Christmas

I am now back in the UK ready for Christmas and the New Year. I will visit the other countries on my bucket list soon and blog about them on this site then. See …

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CWH and CN, Day of Acronyms

This morning I hopped on the bus back to Hamilton to see the other Flying Lancaster in the World. This is situated in the Canadian War Plane Heritage (CWH) Museum near Hamilton airport, the …

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A Day Looking Around Toronto

Yesterday I caught the main sites around Toronto including the City Offices, The CN tower, Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery Ontario. In the evening I went to the Royal Alexandra theatre and …

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Montreal Day 2

My final day in Montreal, before heading back to Toronto, was spent climbing up Mount Royal to get a really nice view over the city, something I really love to do. I am looking …

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USB – Montreal

I have been using the USB cable for the last 6 months on my travels and only now have I spotted the face. The little guy called ‘CHIP’ can look on the inside and …

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My Bed in Quebec City

Another HI hostel! This one was Ok, the bed was comfortable but no complimentary breakfast with bed I booked which I though was rubbish. I think there should be a Hostelling International standard for …

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Day 2 in Quebec City

This morning I arose and went for a walk after I stopped for a quick breakfast in McDonalds. I had a Crepe McMuffin with Maple Syrup, Egg and Cheese. On the walk I saw …

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From Montreal to Quebec

This morning I hopped on the Montreal Subway for a few stops to the Berri-Uqam station where I went to the bus stop to catch a bus to Quebec. The most striking element of …

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I arrived at Montreal train station yesterday evening from Ottawa and walked 20 minutes to the hostel. This morning after breakfast I went for a long walk and got lost before regaining my bearings. …

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My Bed in Montreal

Another Hi Hostel and another great breakfast and a bed that is comfy. The only downside was the noisy guests in the same dorm room in the morning who were talking rather loudly.

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My Bed in Ottawa

My bed was really comfortable at the Hostelling International Ottawa Jail. The breakfast was a help yourself variety and very nice too. At 11am each morning there is tour of the the old jail …

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Toronto to Ottawa

This morning I caught the train from Toronto to the Captial City of Canada, Ottawa. The journey took 5 hours on the train, plus a 30 minute walk to the hostel because I could …

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Pelican Crossing Face – Ottawa, Canada

After deciding to walk from Ottawa Train Station to my hostel instead of catching the bus I spotted this face on the walk back. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will …

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Second Bed in Toronto

I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Toronto for some creature comforts, it was everything you would expect from this brand of hotel. I would stay here again.

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My Bed in Hamilton

I stayed a nice and friendly guesthouse called Hamilton Guest House (HGH). The bed was comfortable and the room was nice but the whole basement needs a bit of refurbishment as it is abit …

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Hamilton City

I had a stop over in Hamilton on my way back to Toronto from Niagra Falls. Hamilton is lovely little city with quirky art galleries and shop and I am really please my friend …

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Key Lock – Hamilton

As I walked out from Mixed media to take a photo of the ‘Pipe Face‘ I spotted this face on the door. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will let you …

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Pipe Face – Hamilton

Whilst in a great shop called Mixed Media in Hamilton, I was talking to the owner about finding face in everyday objects and he pointed to this face across the road. I am still …

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Speaker Face – Niagra Falls

This speaker face reminds me of darthvader or black stormtrooper. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will let you know when I have one.

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Drain Face – Toronto

This drain was in the hostel shower room and when I spotted it I could just imagine this character being able to rotate his head and have a different personality with each rotation or …

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My Bed in Niagra Falls

Because there was a snorer in the dorm room I had in Toronto, I felt a private room and the next hostel was the correct way to go. So I paid a little extra …

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Niagra Falls

Yesterday morning I caught the AMTRAK train bound for New York from Toronto to the Niagra falls. The journey took just under 2 hours but was worth every minute of the trip because the …

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My Bed in Toronto

This is the third Hostelling International Hostel I have stayed at in Canada and it is OK but by no means the best. The atmosphere is not quite right and the bedroom smells a …

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Last Few Days in Toronto

Over the last few days I have walked around Toronto and explored the area. I have not been up the CN tower yet because it has been too cloudy, as you can see from …

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Door Handle – The Canadian Train Jasper to Toronto

I don’t know what it is with bathrooms and face but this face was also on the toilet door. May be it is to do with bathroom design or may be it is my …

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Tap Face – The Canadian Train Jasper to Toronto

Brushing my teeth on the train there was this big eye-lashed face fluttering her eyes at me. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will let you know when I have one.

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Shower Head Face – The Canadian Train Jasper to Toronto

Having a shower on the train I looked up and there was this great little face. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will let you know when I have one.

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Bed Bracket Face – The Canadian Train Jasper to Toronto

This face linked the top and bottom bunks of the beds on the Canadian train from Jasper to Toronto. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will let you know when I …

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First Live NBA Game

Having arrived in Toronto and dropping my bags at the hostel, which was only a 10 minute walk from the train station, I headed out to explore the area to get me bearings. I …

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Jasper to Toronto Train Journey

This train journey was amazing! It is definitely one of the best experiences I have had on my travels. There was lots of interesting people to talk to and the train and views were …

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My Bed in Jasper

My second Hostelling International hostel, Hi Jasper, was equally as good as the first but a little different. It did not include breakfast, but the facilities were very good, except they did not have …

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Jasper Canyon and Walking

For my last full day in Jasper I tried walking up the trail from the hostel which required me to wear snow shoes. It was difficult and only walked for an hour and fell …

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Seat Belt Face, Jasper Canada

Whilst on a wildlife and scenic tour of Jasper in Chevrolet van I saw this seat belt face looking back up at me. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will let …

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Wildlife and Scenic Tour of Jasper

I was hoping to go Ice Walk around frozen water falls today but this trip would not start until the 1st of December, if the ice is thick enough to walk on. Instead I …

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The Rockies – Old Forte Summit

I walk for an hour from my hostel to the Old Forte Summit and I have to say it was worth it. The views were spectacular and worth the stop over in Jasper alone. …

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From Vancouver to Jasper

Yesterday I arrived in a very cold Jasper. Apparently it is -17 degrees outside at the moment. The journey from Vancouver to Jasper took 20 hours and as you can see from the photos …

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Shower Rack Face, Vancouver

I spotted this face whilst having a shower on my final day at Hostelling International Vancouver Downtown hostel. I am still considering this little persons characteristics.

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Granville Island

My final day in Vancouver has been spent exploring the south side of the city, in particular Granville Island. It was quite a walk from my hostel, an hour in total, to the island …

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My Bed in Vancouver

In Vancouver I stayed in a great place called Hostelling International Downtown. To stay I had to pay for a 3 month membership, which still meant the Hostel was cheap. This hostel is very …

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Capilino Suspension Bridge

Today I managed to get to the Capilino Suspension Bridge on the north side of the city. As you can see from the photos the bridge and views were pretty cool. Tomorrow I am …

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Cycling Around Stanley Park

Today my aim was to go to the North Island of Vancouver to walk along the suspension bridge however, when I went to the cashpoint my card was blocked. this meant I had to …

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Light Face, Vancouver

This light face was discovered in the TV room of my hostel and was looking back at me as I was watching the NBA on the TV. Beam has the ability to show others …

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Vancouver Lookout

Today I managed to get up for breakfast, which was a bonus. After which I decided I would go and have a look out over the city. I have found on my travels that …

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McDonalds Cups, Vancouver

These little face were sat on a bench as I walked through Downtown Vancouver. I am still considering this little persons characteristics.

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24 hours in Vancouver

Last night I watched an exciting game of NHL Ice Hockey, unfortunately the Vancouver Canucks lost 3-2 to New Jersey Devils. The atmosphere of my first Ice Hockey game was memorable and something I …

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Thumb Lock – Vancouver, Canada

This cool thumb lock face found in Urban Fare, Vancouver reminds me of a pirate with an eye patch covering an eye. Depending which eye he uses he can see an issue from different …

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Napkin Holder Face – Vancouver, Canada

Whilst checking my emails in the eating area of Hostelling International Downtown I spotted this face. I am thinking that ‘CODY’ is great at helping others and clearing up their mess at the expense …

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Back to Future Flight to Vancouver

I arrived in Vancouver at 20:50 on the 21st November 2015 which I find amazing because my flight left Manila at 00:50 on the 22nd November 2015! The flight was 12 hours long and …

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Lift Faces – Manila, Philippines

These faces were found on the lift panel at the Red Planet Hotel in Manila. I am still undecided about their personalities, but am thinking that they could be identical twins with different perspectives …

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A Few Days in Manila

I have spent the last few days in Manila and an interesting stay it has been too. With the APEC conference and world leaders with in a few miles of my hotel the main …

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My Second Bed in Manila

This bed at the Red Planet was really comfortable and it was really nice room and good hotel in the center of Manila and close to the Mall of Area and Bay Area.

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Paving Slab Face – Manila Bay, Philippines

This friendly little face was found looking back up at me from the ground in the Manila Bay area of the Philippines. I think this character has been stepped upon her whole life but …

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Door Lock Face – Manila, Philippines

This face stared back at me in the bathroom at my hotel in Manila. I like the way its mouth moves and its hair grows at the same time. I think this could be …

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Last Day in Boracay and Back to Manila

Yesterday was my last day in Boracay and as I wandered around I noticed how many trikes were buzzing about me, so I filmed them. In the evening Dennis, our friends, and I went …

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My Bed in Boracay

My room in Boracay was not the best, however it served the purpose and the aircon was really much appreciated. The shower was cold, and I am looking forward to a warm one, but …

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Sunrise in Boracay

Yesterday morning I went to the back beach and saw more kite boarding and promised myself I would be there this morning in time for the sunrise at 5:30am. I am pleased I made …

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Hook Face – Boracay, Philippines

I spotted this face in the toilet at McDonalds in Boracay. When I showed this face to Dennis he said that it reminded him of a combination on Disney’s Dumbo and Pinocchio. With this …

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More Beaches and a View to Remember

Over the last few days I have been hopping on to the trike once again to explore more of the island. The day before yesterday I had my 2nd intense Yoga session, which had …

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Exploring Boracay and Sunsets

A couple of early morning walks along to station 1 and Dimiwidi beach and a sunset swim at station 3 have resulted in some amazing sights. I have been hoping on trikes and having …

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Dennis’ 40th Birthday

The reason I am here in Boracay is to celebrate my friends 40th Birthday with him. So the night before last, when Dennis returned from Manila, we went to Club Wave on the sea …

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Mop Face – Boracay, Philippines

As I walked back to my room I nearly bumped in to this mop face. It made me jump and did not look overly friendly. Moppy always tries to bring the other characters down …

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Lock Face – Boracay, Philippines

This face was discovered on the door to my room in Boracay. These two characters are twins (not identical) and each have their own strengths but when they combine/lock together they have super-strengths.

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Peg Face – Philippines

I spotted this face as I took my clothes of the washing line outside the room I was staying in Boracay. Peggy will be someone with a real dry sense of humour and is …

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Folk Dancing and Great Beaches

Yesterday evening I went to ‘watch’ folk dancing and go for some food with a few of Dennis’ old students who are now working in Boracay. Dennis is in Manila at a meeting. Once …

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Scuba Diving in Boracay

Yesterday I went Scuba diving. What struck me about this sport is that the gear is such a simple concept that opens a whole new world under the Sea. I was considering getting my …

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Manila to Boracay

A couple of days ago I caught a very early 7am flight, I had to be at the airport for 4am, from Manila to Boracay to meet me friend Dennis. The plane was a …

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From Osaka to Manila

Today I caught my 4 hour flight from a rainy Osaka to a sunny and very warm Manila in the Philippines. This is because I crossed the equator in to summertime in the southern …

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My Bed in Osaka Star Gate Hotel

With Ben and Devon flying out from Osaka at 11:35pm on the 1st November and me catching a flight at 9:55am the next morning it made sense for me to stay in hotel near …

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Osaka Apartment

The apartment in Osaka was really great for Ben, Devon and I to stay in. Everything felt new and the washing machine came in very useful with a 1 year old too. Its location …

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Ben and Devon’s Last Full Day in Japan

Today is Halloween and every where we look everybody is dressed up, so when had lunch Devon got in the act too. This afternoon we went on a big red ferries wheel which is …

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Kyoto and Osaka

The last couple of days we have been to Kyoto on the train where we experienced an amazing fish market and few temples. Yesterday we spent in Osaka exploring Tennoji again, before finding a …

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Street Light Face, Osaka Japan

Ben and I spotted this face at Tennoji Park near the Zoo in Osaka. I am still considering this little persons characteristics.

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Universal Studios Japan

A visit to Universal Studios in Osaka was high on Ben’s list so today we visited it and it was really easy to get to and get in. Because we left around rush hour …

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Iga Ninja Museum

We caught the JR train from Tennoji to Iga-Ueno and then on to Uenoshi which in the end took 2 hours, which was about double the time we were expecting. It was worth it …

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Sunday and Monday in Osaka

Sunday morning we got up and left the apartment to see the 5th Osaka Marathon in progress. After watching this for a while we headed to Tenojei park once again for Devon to work …

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Bullet Train to Hiroshima to Watch Sumo

Today Ben and Devon had their first experience of the Japanese Bullet Train. We got up early and caught the train to Hiroshima to hopefully watch a regional Sumo tournament. Before we got to …

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Namba Parks, Tennoji Park and Shinsekai district

We had a great day looking around Namba parks which is shopping mall with a difference in that is is covered in trees and has nice places to sit down. At Tennoji Park Devon …

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Rail Face, Osaka – Japan

This little face on a hand rail at Osaka Castle makes me think this character would be a great guide of some sort and supportive in helping others in need.

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Osaka Castle and Aquarium

Todays visit to Osaka Castle was relaxing one where we sat on the grass and Devon introduced himself to some school children. From the Castle we headed to the amazing aquarium where the animals …

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Fish Market and Umeda Sky Garden

Today we all went to an amazing fish market and then a stroll to see the Lamborghini and Mclaren salesrooms. We then arrived in Umeda where Devon had a paddle in the fountain before …

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Ben and Devon’s First Day in Osaka

For the first day and after Devon has adjusted to the time zone with his first overnight sleep. We decided to explore the area a little bit and started at Shinsekai before visiting the …

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The Last Few Days in Osaka

I have now rented an apartment for 2 weeks on AirBnB in preparation for my friend to fly from the UK with his 1 year old child. So you will be seeing more photos …

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Hostel in Osaka

I staying Daikoku Hostel in Osaka for 5 days to give me time to prepare for my friend visiting. This hostel was really nice and I would highly recommend it because it was so …

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Hello From Us!

As I have been travelling I have been taking photos of faces that I see in everyday objects with the intention of illustrating them into little cartoon characters. So here are the first 3! …

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Morning Walk Thinking About the Quirks of Japan

This morning I woke at 5am and realised that I had not seen a sunrise since I was staying with the Taoist Master in South Korea. So up I got and went for a …

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Hotel in Osaka

The Sun White Hotel in Osaka was the only a hotel available by the time I came to booking accommodation, and I got the last room! It cost £53 a night which is 5 …

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Last Few Days

I am conscious that I have not blogged for the last few days. In that time I have not really done much except have another look around Hiroshima peace park at night and then …

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Bed in Hiroshima

In Hiroshima I stayed at the Guest House Carpe Hiroshima Koi which was a nice place to stay for a few days. The owner was very helpful and a big baseball fan, his Hiroshima …

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Miyajima Island

This little island just of Hiroshima is a 35 min street car ride to the Hiroden-miyajima-guchi stop and a simple 10 min ferry ride away from the hostel. Once arriving on the island the …

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Yesterdays trip to Hiroshima from Kyoto was all quite simple on the bullet train. When I arrived at the hostel at 4pm I decided to chill and explore the city in the morning. Today …

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Morning Walk Along the River in Kyoto

This morning I woke early and decided to go for a stroll upto the area where the temple are, however on the was I spotted a riverside walk which I did instead. It was …

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Hotel in Kyoto

The only night I could stay in the 9 hour hotel was the Friday night because it was fully booked after that. I booked up and took the last bed. I then had to …

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Relaxing Sunday in Kyoto

A relaxing Sunday, reading books about Sumo and practising Origami, with two quick visits to very impressive temples: The first Sanjusangendo which has over a thousand ‘Kannon’ statues that stand around the buddha. The …

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Red Gates and Bamboo in Kyoto

Yesterday arriving at my hotel, yes another hotel it’s just the way it worked in Kyoto over this weekend, at midday I could not check in until 4pm so I thought I would see …

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Nine Hour Hotel – Kyoto

This is possibly the coolest hotel I have ever stayed in. I love the design and flow of the hotel and the futuristic capsule in which guests sleep. The locker room and shower area: …

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From Osaka to Kyoto with a Couple Surprises

My plan to get from Osaka to Kyoto involved a 40 min trip to Shin-Osaka main station hoping on train for another 40 mins, changing to the subway and making my way to the …

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My Bed in Osaka

Hotel Shin-Imamiya is a capsule style hotel and has great transport links around Osaka and Shinsekai is only a 5 minute walk away and once you have your bearing you can be in the …

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Namba at Night

I visited the Namba district on my first day and loved it. I said it would be great to see at night when it has a different feel. Yesterday morning I met up with …

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Osaka City Centre

Today I explored the centre of the city, in particular the area around Osaka train station. The highlight was the Umeda Sky Building, which I have to say is an amazing piece of architecture …

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From Tokyo to a Full Day Exploring Osaka

Going to bed the day before yesterday my plan was to get up have some breakfast and make my way to Osaka around lunchtime. At about 5am I was wide awake, I will put …