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A Wet Day in Ulan Bator

Another very wet and rainy day, but unlike yesterday when it had disappeared by 11am, today it was raining all day. This is not very much different from the UK weather so of to the Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs I went.

It was easy to find just behind Freedom Square which I first visited when I arrived on Sunday. The ladies on the counter were helpful and one of them gave me a guided tour. It cost 2000 Mongolian Tughrik to enter, which is about 66 pence. In Mongolia they like adding a surcharge to let you take photos so this was another 3000 Tughrik (about £1). This is still very reasonable to see Dinosaurs though. It was less of a Museum and more of a small exhibition hall, however it did have a few skeletal remains of Dinosaurs and some Dinosaur eggs all of which I thought was pretty cool.

Then on to Bogd Khaan’s Palace Museum which was 45 minute walk in the rain.

Now walking in the rain normally is not too much of an issue, except in Ulan Bator the pavements and roads are not that level and have lots of really big puddles! This results in a sort of obstacle course especially when the puddle takes up the whole pavement. The Gullies in the road were also similar. This mix of puddles on the road and the pavement resulted in me getting splashed, and totally soaked twice by cars driving too fast through big puddles. This has resulted in me now as I type wearing my third, and final, set of clothes. I should be ok because as I write the other two sets are with laundry team at the hotel.

A dripping wet me reaches the ‘Bogd Khaan’s Palace Museum’ which this time, I am please to say, is open. They charge 8000 Tughrik (£2:60) to enter, which looking around seemed to be a bit steep. They then stated that it would be 50,000 Tughrik (About £13) to take photos. I paid my 8000 Turghrik and looked around a place that really was in need in renovation. I decided to take photos anyway, my rebellious act of the day.

Then I walked the obstacle course back to the main centre getting splashed again a couple of times for good measure. I decided I would do everything whilst I was wet and then settle down with my book when back at my room.

So I went for an Indian Meal at Delhi Darbar. I have to say the service and food was amazing. I would highly recommend this place if you should ever end up in Ulan Bator.

Then to buy a pair of socks (I was on my last pair, and they were soaked) and get some food for my trip to the national park tomorrow. I then nipped to the bank to get some money before popping into the fair trade shop. Once inside the shop a kind lady told me to be careful because she saw 3 men following me before I entered the shop. This put me on edge for the short walk back to the hotel. I mentioned this to the hotel owner when I got back. He said not to worry because they would not mug or attack, but are more likely looking for an opportunity to snatch your wallet or bag. On that note I am pleased I have zipped pockets, have my bags strap under my t-shirt and I didn’t stop at a street stall to purchase anything.

What I have learned today:

  1. Pot holes are not just annoying for drivers
  2. Be as careful and alert as I can, without becoming neurotic about it.

By Mark

The areas of life I am most interested in are great design, the golden ratio, minimalism, Pareidolia (faces in everyday objects), micro living and finally I will be searching for remarkable human beings who use the power of their mind to achieve amazing effects.

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