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A Day Looking Around Toronto

Yesterday I caught the main sites around Toronto including the City Offices, The CN tower, Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery Ontario. In the evening I went to the Royal Alexandra theatre and …

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Nine Hour Hotel – Kyoto

This is possibly the coolest hotel I have ever stayed in. I love the design and flow of the hotel and the futuristic capsule in which guests sleep. The locker room and shower area: …

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Shanghai Construction Group Logo

I always keep my eye out for great design as I travel and today I found a logo which is right up my street. I love design with double meanings and this logo for Shanghai Construction Group really …

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Ezubo Logo Design

This logo to me is the logo Internet Explorer always wanted to be but never quite making it. I love the way they have made it feel worldly.

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Homnh Logo Design

In the Mongolian State Department Store in Ulan Bator was a food shop called Homnh. I liked their logo, I am sure I have seen something like it before but this time I want …

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Folding Ladder on Trans Mongolian Train

I love the way this ladder can hide away so discreetly. It makes me think about how I could use this method to hide other objects out of the way.

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Magnetic Key Thobs

Two different hostels I have stayed in have both used this magnetic keys to enter their buildings. I really like there ergonomics, they fit perfectly around the thumb and the texture is reassuring that …

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Folding Wardrobe

I really love the idea of having a multi-functional space to live in and this wardrobe can be hidden away into the wall when not needed.

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Last Day in St Petersburg

This evening, very near midnight, I catch an overnight train to Moscow arriving at 7:55am. So this morning I thought I would go for an early morning stroll prior to checking out and going …

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The Church on Spilled Blood

This was one of the those moment when I walked in side and said WOW! Yesterday evening after doing my post for the day I went for a walk to look at this church from …