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My Bed in Quebec City

Another HI hostel! This one was Ok, the bed was comfortable but no complimentary breakfast with bed I booked which I though was rubbish. I think there should be a Hostelling International standard for …

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My Bed in Montreal

Another Hi Hostel and another great breakfast and a bed that is comfy. The only downside was the noisy guests in the same dorm room in the morning who were talking rather loudly.

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My Bed in Ottawa

My bed was really comfortable at the Hostelling International Ottawa Jail. The breakfast was a help yourself variety and very nice too. At 11am each morning there is tour of the the old jail …

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Second Bed in Toronto

I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Toronto for some creature comforts, it was everything you would expect from this brand of hotel. I would stay here again.

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My Bed in Niagra Falls

Because there was a snorer in the dorm room I had in Toronto, I felt a private room and the next hostel was the correct way to go. So I paid a little extra …

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My Bed in Toronto

This is the third Hostelling International Hostel I have stayed at in Canada and it is OK but by no means the best. The atmosphere is not quite right and the bedroom smells a …

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Jasper to Toronto Train Journey

This train journey was amazing! It is definitely one of the best experiences I have had on my travels. There was lots of interesting people to talk to and the train and views were …

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My Bed in Jasper

My second Hostelling International hostel, Hi Jasper, was equally as good as the first but a little different. It did not include breakfast, but the facilities were very good, except they did not have …

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From Vancouver to Jasper

Yesterday I arrived in a very cold Jasper. Apparently it is -17 degrees outside at the moment. The journey from Vancouver to Jasper took 20 hours and as you can see from the photos …

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My Bed in Vancouver

In Vancouver I stayed in a great place called Hostelling International Downtown. To stay I had to pay for a 3 month membership, which still meant the Hostel was cheap. This hostel is very …

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My Second Bed in Manila

This bed at the Red Planet was really comfortable and it was really nice room and good hotel in the center of Manila and close to the Mall of Area and Bay Area.

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My Bed in Boracay

My room in Boracay was not the best, however it served the purpose and the aircon was really much appreciated. The shower was cold, and I am looking forward to a warm one, but …

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From Osaka to Manila

Today I caught my 4 hour flight from a rainy Osaka to a sunny and very warm Manila in the Philippines. This is because I crossed the equator in to summertime in the southern …

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My Bed in Osaka Star Gate Hotel

With Ben and Devon flying out from Osaka at 11:35pm on the 1st November and me catching a flight at 9:55am the next morning it made sense for me to stay in hotel near …

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Osaka Apartment

The apartment in Osaka was really great for Ben, Devon and I to stay in. Everything felt new and the washing machine came in very useful with a 1 year old too. Its location …

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Hostel in Osaka

I staying Daikoku Hostel in Osaka for 5 days to give me time to prepare for my friend visiting. This hostel was really nice and I would highly recommend it because it was so …

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Hotel in Osaka

The Sun White Hotel in Osaka was the only a hotel available by the time I came to booking accommodation, and I got the last room! It cost £53 a night which is 5 …

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Bed in Hiroshima

In Hiroshima I stayed at the Guest House Carpe Hiroshima Koi which was a nice place to stay for a few days. The owner was very helpful and a big baseball fan, his Hiroshima …

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Hotel in Kyoto

The only night I could stay in the 9 hour hotel was the Friday night because it was fully booked after that. I booked up and took the last bed. I then had to …

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Nine Hour Hotel – Kyoto

This is possibly the coolest hotel I have ever stayed in. I love the design and flow of the hotel and the futuristic capsule in which guests sleep. The locker room and shower area: …

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My Bed in Osaka

Hotel Shin-Imamiya is a capsule style hotel and has great transport links around Osaka and Shinsekai is only a 5 minute walk away and once you have your bearing you can be in the …

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My Bed in Tokyo

Annes Hostel Yokozuna in the Ryogoku area of Tokyo which is also known as Sumo Town. Whilst I stayed there the Grand Tournament was on and I saw Sumo wrestlers wandering the street as …

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Leaving Korea for Japan

My biding memories of Korea will always be staying with Master Kim, The Temple Stay, the food with oval metal chopsticks and the modern architecture. My final night in Korea was spent at the …

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Six Day Stay with Taoist Master

Since leaving the UK I have been doing quite a bit of reading and my interest in Zen led me to learn a little more about Taoism. Upon arriving in Korea I decided I …

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My Second Bed in Seoul

The Maru hostel was so much better than the first hostel I stayed in Seoul. It was not perfect, the owner and only person on reception did not appear until 11am and that was …

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My Bed in KimChee Hostel, Seoul

As I am sure you can guess from the photos above this was not my favourite hostel. I am really not sure how it got 8 out of 10 on the reviews. The …

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My Bed in Jeju

The Mido Hostel is a really contemporary hostel with very happy and helpful staff. Mido is in a great location within Seogwipo that enabled me explore most of the  city. My only downside to this …

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My Bed in Busan, South Korea

Finding a place to stay in Busan on was easy because the Welcome Busan Hostel had a 9.1 rating which is very high. I can understand why, the owner is friendly and helpful …

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Second Bed in Shanghai

I moved hostel whilst in Shanghai and this was at Chi Chen Hostel. It was really good hostel with very helpful and kind staff. Very clean and a great atmosphere. What made it better …

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My Bed in Shanghai

For the first 4 nights in Shanghai I stayed in the Blue Mountain Youth Hostel. On the most part is was a good stay, the people there were OK the staff were helpful but …

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Arriving in Shanghai

After leaving the train I headed straight for the metro, once there I realised I did not know where to go because it was 6:30am and too early to go to the hostel. So I …

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Guilin to Shanghai Overnight Train

It was pouring down as I left the Guilin hostel at 6am on the Thursday morning to catch the train to Shanghai. It was the first time had to use me rain mac! On …

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From Yangshuo to Guilin

After staying in Yangshuo for 4 days I chose to head to Shanghai to do some volunteering. So although I loved my stay I had to leave to head back to Guilin on the …

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My Bed in YangShuo

Stay in at Wada Hostel was great choice based on two from a very knowledgable traveller in Beijing. I really enjoyed my stay in the hostel and in particular YangShuo, especially after yesterdays excursion …

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My Bed in Guilin

I stayed at the Riverside Hostel for one night after a 10 hour trip from Beijing on a bullet train. This idea worked out much better for me than having to navigate the hour and …

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My Bed in Bejing

I have really chilled and enjoyed my stay in Beijing. The Chinese Box Hostel is a great place to stay, made easier by the excellent english of the people who work on reception. They …

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Trans-Mongolian from Ulan Bator to Beijing

This 29 hour trip from Ulan Bator to Beijing had much more variation than the 4 night journey from Moscow to Ulan Bator. The Scenery changed more often, as too did the wheels on the train as …

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My Bed in Ulan Bator

My was very comfy and I am pleased I went for the double and a high rated place on Where I went wrong, and hopefully, for the last time is I booked a …

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Trans-Mongolian from Moscow to Ulan Bator

Leaving Moscow seems a very long time ago. 5 days on train with only a few 15-30 minutes stops each day can do that I guess. Add in to the equation that the train …

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My Bed in Moscow

At my second attempt of finding somewhere to stay in Moscow I really ‘nailed it’ picking ‘Godzilla Hostel’. It was secure, tidy, friendly and very close to metro a station and only a 20 …

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My Beds in St Petersburg

For the first four nights I slept at the Nevsky Group Aster Hotel which had an excellent location. I walked everywhere and saw most of the city. The bed was comfortable with 2 big …

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My Bed in London

A typical Travelodge bed, I find them pretty comfortable. This one was at the Heathrow Terminal 5 Travelodge. A good nights sleep ready for the big adventures of travelling!  

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My Bed In Boston

This is the first in a series of photos documenting the different beds I sleep in while I travel. It seems correct to start with the one that has helped me start these travels. …