My Bed in Bejing

I have really chilled and enjoyed my stay in Beijing. The Chinese Box Hostel is a great place to stay, made easier by the excellent english of the people who work on reception. They are also very knowledgable of the area.

The thing I have liked most, once again, is the different people I have met whilst staying here. One person who stands out is Claire who is an American student and fluent in Chinese and was saying how easy Chinese can be to learn to read. She explain that once you to know a few mandarin symbola you can really start putting the language together. For example if you know the symbol for car you can could quite easily learn boat which is water car, fire engine which is Fire Car and I assume Aeroplane in Sky Car.

I would recommend this place to anyone consider a trip to Beijing. The only slight gripe I have is that although they do put on a few great events like Noodle night and Dumpling night which they provide free of charge the other services they offer like breakfast, drinks and laundry are on the pricer side. None of which would stop me staying here again.

By Mark

The areas of life I am most interested in are great design, the golden ratio, minimalism, Pareidolia (faces in everyday objects), micro living and finally I will be searching for remarkable human beings who use the power of their mind to achieve amazing effects.

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