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St Petersburg to Moscow Overnight Train

This journey was made better by three events – 1. I’d forgotten I had book myself a first class ticket 🙂 2. It is an amazing train with a iconic past as the quote from demonstrates:

The Red Arrow train first chugged along the historic railway line between the two capitals of Russia in 1931, and has since only failed to operate daily along this prestigious route during the 1941-1943 Nazi Siege of Leningrad. There are plenty of trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg, but Red Arrow is the pride of the Russian Railroad with interiors that feel as if they come from a movie set, and an exterior in such bright red that it’s really difficult to mistake, no matter if lit from the platform lights of the Moskovskaya Station in St. Petersburg, or the Leningradskaya Station in Moscow.

and 3. I did not realise that the seat converted in to a bed because I thought it look flat enough to sleep on, so when my cabin mate converted his I was very impressed!

As part of my order I had requested a meal, I had remembered that part of my order. What I was not expecting was for the meal to be served at 00:15 in the morning. I was expecting breakfast at 7am. So I declined the food, by the hostess, very kindly saved it for morning for me.

I had a comfy nights sleep which was helped by the rhythmic motion of the train.

Waking at 7 ready for a cup of tea which was delivered a couple of moment later, I could get use to that.

The train arrived in Moscow on time and then the fun and games started.


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