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Russian – Yes, No, Please, Thank You

In less than 48 hours I am going to be in Russia. I feel it is important I know at least the basics of each country’s language before I arrive, so I am going to share my attempt at Yes, No, Please, Thank You, Hello and Good Bye in Russian.

Да (“da”) – Yes
PlayНет (“nyet”) – No

Спасибо (“spa-see-ba”) – Thank-You
PlayПожалуйста (“pa-zhal-sta”) – Please (and You’re Welcome)

Здравствуйте (“zdra-stvooy-tye”) – Hello (Formal)
PlayПривет (“pree-vyet”) – Hi (Informal)

До свидания (“da-svee-da-nee-ye”) – Good-bye.
PlayПока (“pa-ka”) – Bye (Informal, slang)

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Have a listen to my attempts. All I can say is that some are easier than others!

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