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Inwang-san Mountain

Today I took the metro several stops to the Dongnimmun station to hick up Inwang-san Mountain. I found the best way to get to main parts by a great review on Trip Advisor.

The assent was very steep and, as you would expect, the views were fantastic. Like yesterday there was contrast, the peaceful mountain against the background of the built up city. At times on the climb though it did felt very secluded, which was odd because I was only a 30 minute walk from a metro stop.

I made my way to, pretty much, the summit and looked out over the city. I had a great panoramic view as you can see below. I took this photo using the Google Camera app which I was shown by a fellow traveller in Shanghai, this seemed the best opportunity to use it now I have it on my phone.

The reason I didn’t quite make it to the top was that I heard the bang of drums and cymbals. My research stated that at times there are Shaman rituals on this mountain and I really wanted to see this, much more than climbing to the summit. I followed my ears and trekked as quickly as I could.

I found a man meditating and chanting and banging the cymbals. There was also what I assume to be a mother and daughter in an intense discussion and what seemed to be a ritual of sorts with a cloth being waved around the younger participants belly. I think this was for fertility or something like that. The meditator along with the mother and daughter were there separately, I think. But you can get an idea from this short video I filmed:

From the mountain I found a coffee shop to have a cup of English Breakfast tea and send some emails/follow ups to try and arrange some experiences only Korea can offer. For example an appointment with a Korean Traditional Doctor and Volunteering for a charity that saves dogs from food markets, look after them in sanctuary, rehouses them and is actively campaigning for the Korean government to make it illegal to eat dog. I will blog about these events if and when they happen.


p.s – one more thing I have to share with you is this catchy song. I am hearing everywhere over and over again in Korea. I have just asked the receptionist what its called and the bands names so I can share it with you and you can have it stuck in your head too. Every time I hear this song I will think of Korea.

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