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Toronto to Ottawa

This morning I caught the train from Toronto to the Captial City of Canada, Ottawa. The journey took 5 hours on the train, plus a 30 minute walk to the hostel because I could not wait for the bus. I am pleased I did walk because it helped me get my bearings.

After settling into the hostel I went for a wander to see the main sights. The canal is normally full but seeing how the locks work is still pretty cool.

Near the locks is the Canadian Parliament, which I liked from the outside but loved from the inside. I saw a sign saying free tours around the inside so I managed to get the last tour of the day at 4:20. It was interesting because there are so many similarities with the British parliament. For example it is only the British and Canadians who call it the House of Commons.

On the Sunday morning I visited the Canadian Art Gallery.

By Mark

The areas of life I am most interested in are great design, the golden ratio, minimalism, Pareidolia (faces in everyday objects), micro living and finally I will be searching for remarkable human beings who use the power of their mind to achieve amazing effects.

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