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Universal Studios Japan

A visit to Universal Studios in Osaka was high on Ben’s list so today we visited it and it was really easy to get to and get in.

Because we left around rush hour the trains to the Universal City station were busy and we had a pram we could not get on many of the carriages. We missed the first train for this reason and when the second arrived we were not going to miss it again, so we rushed down the train to find one with space. We did and we jumped on and did not think anymore about it until after the train left the station. It was then that I noticed the sign ‘Women Only Carriage’ Ben and I chuckle but nobody said anything so we stayed there for the 2 stops.

I have never been to a place like this before, Lotte World in Seoul included, it was amazing in that it was created for entertainment. It left me with a slight fake feeling, a little like some people say they feel when they go to Vegas, I guess.

That said I did still enjoy the day and some of the rides, especially the JAWS one at the end of the day. The lady actor driving the boat really got into the part!

Devon really loved the experience, I think his favourite part was playing with the massive big balloons in a play park.

Other rides we all went on were the 4D experiences for Terminator, Sesame Street, a Water World show and a merry go round. The 4D experiences were interesting because it was not just a 3D movie but also had water spraying and shocks through the seats which corresponded to what was on the screen.

I have not been to America, yet, but the venue did not feel like Japan at times. One additional experience which added to the day was the amount people who had dressed up for Halloween was immense and there was some really interesting costumes.

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