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On: October 16, 2015

As I have been travelling I have been taking photos of faces that I see in everyday objects with the intention of illustrating them into little cartoon characters. So here are the first 3!

If you would like to know their names, their personality traits and what everyday object inspired them click on the links below.

Please let me know your feedback on colours, style and their personality traits etc. I would love to know what you think of them.


The areas of life I am most interested in are great design, the golden ratio, minimalism, Pareidolia (faces in everyday objects), micro living and finally I will be searching for remarkable human beings who use the power of their mind to achieve amazing effects.


Reply Sharon
October 19, 2015

These are amazing mark . Love them! I often see faces in objects but never thought of this.

Reply Mark
October 20, 2015

Thank you Sharon. I have wanted to illustrates these little people for a while.
If you ever see any faces you would like illustrated send them my way.
Speak soon

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