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Korean Oriental Medicine and the Soon to be Tallest Building in South Korea

Today was another day where I had a plan to meet an expert in mind body healing.

Raimund Royer is an doctor in Korean Traditional Medicine(KTM) and his story is quite amazing. He visit Korea in the 80’s hurt his ankle and had acupuncture to help with the pain, to his surprise it worked. He then decided he want to be a KTM doctor. This required him to learn english, because he is Austrian, followed by Korean and Chinese before he could even start the course to become a KTM doctor. What amazing persistence he showed to fulfil his goal. I found that inspirational.

I met him at the Jaseng International Clinic and we had a chat for about 45 minutes. He shared information about a unique technique called ‘Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment’ which has a great success rate for help patients with severe back pain. It requires putting needles in the correct acupuncture points and supporting the patient to stand and move a little. They usually feel a massive reduction in pain with in 15 minutes using this method.

Most of the KTM knowledge was too advanced for a novice to be able to adapt or apply however it was still very interesting to meet Dr Royer.

I then headed back towards the hostel but on the way stopped to see the Lotte World Tower, which when completed in October 2016, will be the largest skyscaper in South Korea. Inside it was very grand with many top branded shops.

Not realising until I processed the photos for this post, I wonder if the Architects of the Multi Million Pound Lotte World Tower realise how Phallic it looks when a photo is taken from in front of its sister building.

May be it will look different when it is finished.

By Mark

The areas of life I am most interested in are great design, the golden ratio, minimalism, Pareidolia (faces in everyday objects), micro living and finally I will be searching for remarkable human beings who use the power of their mind to achieve amazing effects.

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