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My Bed in Quebec City

Another HI hostel! This one was Ok, the bed was comfortable but no complimentary breakfast with bed I booked which I though was rubbish. I think there should be a Hostelling International standard for …

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My Bed in Montreal

Another Hi Hostel and another great breakfast and a bed that is comfy. The only downside was the noisy guests in the same dorm room in the morning who were talking rather loudly.

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Pelican Crossing Face – Ottawa, Canada

After deciding to walk from Ottawa Train Station to my hostel instead of catching the bus I spotted this face on the walk back. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will …

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Second Bed in Toronto

I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Toronto for some creature comforts, it was everything you would expect from this brand of hotel. I would stay here again.

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My Bed in Hamilton

I stayed a nice and friendly guesthouse called Hamilton Guest House (HGH). The bed was comfortable and the room was nice but the whole basement needs a bit of refurbishment as it is abit …

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Key Lock – Hamilton

As I walked out from Mixed media to take a photo of the ‘Pipe Face‘ I spotted this face on the door. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will let you …

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Pipe Face – Hamilton

Whilst in a great shop called Mixed Media in Hamilton, I was talking to the owner about finding face in everyday objects and he pointed to this face across the road. I am still …

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Speaker Face – Niagra Falls

This speaker face reminds me of darthvader or black stormtrooper. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will let you know when I have one.

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My Bed in Niagra Falls

Because there was a snorer in the dorm room I had in Toronto, I felt a private room and the next hostel was the correct way to go. So I paid a little extra …

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Tap Face – The Canadian Train Jasper to Toronto

Brushing my teeth on the train there was this big eye-lashed face fluttering her eyes at me. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will let you know when I have one.

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Seat Belt Face, Jasper Canada

Whilst on a wildlife and scenic tour of Jasper in Chevrolet van I saw this seat belt face looking back up at me. I am still unsure of its personality yet, but will let …

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McDonalds Cups, Vancouver

These little face were sat on a bench as I walked through Downtown Vancouver. I am still considering this little persons characteristics.

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Paving Slab Face – Manila Bay, Philippines

This friendly little face was found looking back up at me from the ground in the Manila Bay area of the Philippines. I think this character has been stepped upon her whole life but …

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Rail Face, Osaka – Japan

This little face on a hand rail at Osaka Castle makes me think this character would be a great guide of some sort and supportive in helping others in need.

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Hostel in Osaka

I staying Daikoku Hostel in Osaka for 5 days to give me time to prepare for my friend visiting. This hostel was really nice and I would highly recommend it because it was so …

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Hello From Us!

As I have been travelling I have been taking photos of faces that I see in everyday objects with the intention of illustrating them into little cartoon characters. So here are the first 3! …

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Hotel in Osaka

The Sun White Hotel in Osaka was the only a hotel available by the time I came to booking accommodation, and I got the last room! It cost £53 a night which is 5 …

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Bed in Hiroshima

In Hiroshima I stayed at the Guest House Carpe Hiroshima Koi which was a nice place to stay for a few days. The owner was very helpful and a big baseball fan, his Hiroshima …

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Hotel in Kyoto

The only night I could stay in the 9 hour hotel was the Friday night because it was fully booked after that. I booked up and took the last bed. I then had to …

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Drainage Face, Seoul

I like this little face staring at me because it requires two faces to make one full mouth. I will have to think of a way to incorporate this little guys characteristics.

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Hat Face – JeJu South Korea

I spotted this face in the market in Seogwipo, Jeju in South Korea I am still considering the type of personality and characteristics this face may have. If you have any ideas please let …

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My Bed in Busan, South Korea

Finding a place to stay in Busan on was easy because the Welcome Busan Hostel had a 9.1 rating which is very high. I can understand why, the owner is friendly and helpful …

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Second Bed in Shanghai

I moved hostel whilst in Shanghai and this was at Chi Chen Hostel. It was really good hostel with very helpful and kind staff. Very clean and a great atmosphere. What made it better …

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Shanghai Construction Group Logo

I always keep my eye out for great design as I travel and today I found a logo which is right up my street. I love design with double meanings and this logo for Shanghai Construction Group really …

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Tap on the Bullet Train – China

Having washed my hands on the bullet train to Guilin this little fella was watching as I searched for a towel. I imagine this character to be a very calm, spiritual and caring individual. An …

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My Bed in Guilin

I stayed at the Riverside Hostel for one night after a 10 hour trip from Beijing on a bullet train. This idea worked out much better for me than having to navigate the hour and …

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My Bed in Bejing

I have really chilled and enjoyed my stay in Beijing. The Chinese Box Hostel is a great place to stay, made easier by the excellent english of the people who work on reception. They …

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Another Metro Handle – Beijing

This long necked contemporary dinosaur looking figure caught my eye on the trip to Beijing West station to catch the bullet train to Guilin. This creatures characteristics will be that of a friendly animal …

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Bus Seat Face – Beijing

On the journey from Beijing to the Great Wall these face were everywhere. Every seat back had a face which looked like it was wearing it cap backwards. This cool dude loves nothing more …

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Shelving Edge – Beijing, China

These multiple face were found on shelving edge. Their characteristic is that off protection and surveillance to ensure the safety of everyone the care about.

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Happy Toilet Seat Face – Chinese Train Number 4

When putting the seat down on the Trans-Mongolian Train I was greeted by this cheery fellow. I would imagine his character to very practical and helpful. He is very proud of what he does …

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Leaving Moscow

I am travelling on a train across Siberia to Mongolia. I will start blogging again when I reach Ulan Bator.

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Folding Wardrobe

I really love the idea of having a multi-functional space to live in and this wardrobe can be hidden away into the wall when not needed.

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Frog Face – Russia

Whilst walking along Nevskiy Prospekt in St Petersburg I spotted this little fella looking at me. I imagine his character would be a little accident prone, like getting his head stuck in a railing. His voice …

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Arriving in St Petersburg

Landing in St Petersburg at 14:20 local time I was ready to get off the plane and start exploring. This did not happen, but what did happen was much more advantageous. Leaving the plane …

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My Bed in London

A typical Travelodge bed, I find them pretty comfortable. This one was at the Heathrow Terminal 5 Travelodge. A good nights sleep ready for the big adventures of travelling!  

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Ready to Travel

This is me leaving the house this morning because today I travelled to London to stay over night before catching my flight early tomorrow morning for my year of travelling. Leaving Boston, and my …

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My Bed In Boston

This is the first in a series of photos documenting the different beds I sleep in while I travel. It seems correct to start with the one that has helped me start these travels. …

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Russian – Yes, No, Please, Thank You

In less than 48 hours I am going to be in Russia. I feel it is important I know at least the basics of each country’s language before I arrive, so I am going …

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Old Phone Face – UK

This face was looking back at me from my Yoga teachers hallway. I imagine this character would be very wise. As well as being a great listening she would always share a piece of …

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Introducing Happy Hippo

Travelling alone and not really liking Selfie Sticks, a feeling which was increased on my recent trip to London when walking across Westminster Bridge, I had to decide on another solution. I would like to …

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Travel Visas

This morning I had a knock at the door and it was the postman. He returned my documentation and passport, but almost as importantly my passport contained the visas for Russia and China! I …

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First 18 Months as a Minimalist

For the last 18 months or so I have been living a minimalist lifestyle. I have 3 sets of clothes, as you can see from the image above, and all the items I own …

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Last Day at Work

Do you like my cards? I do, however the Zen Dog really appealed to me. Thought was given to it and it was made personal, it relates to how the next year is hopefully going …

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Why and How I am Travelling for a Year

I am currently working my notice and everything is very nearly in place for me to fly out of the country on the 10th of July. But why am I in this situation and …

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Remote Control Face – UK

Remotey here is very knowledge, a bit like a wise yogi in the corner. He knows a little about a lot and flits about from one interest to another. But loves learning all he …

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Fabric Bag Face – Vietnam

The face reminds me of an Octopus. So this little character is a multi-tasker who can do lots of things at once. She is a horder and loves to collect bits and bobs because she …

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Melting Morphing Face – Vietnam

This cute little face was staring back at me as I was eating an ice cream. This ones characteristic would be flexibility, adaptability and never really knowing who they truly are, but is always searching for …

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Fitness Machine Face -Vietnam

I imagine the characteristics of this face to a bit like a square jawed Sargent Major drilling its recruits to fitness.